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Neuro-Sys is both a CRO and a drug discovery company focused on neurodegenerative diseases.


Preclinical services

As a CRO, the Neuro-Sys’ NS-SERVICES department provides the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with efficient and highly skilled preclinical modeling services. With a strong expertize and cutting-edge laboratory equipment, Neuro-Sys develops and uses specific preclinical models of CNS diseases to achieve high-quality efficacy pharmacology and mode of action studies.

We are dedicated to provide high-level technical expertise and preclinical CRO services in a collaborative relationship with our clients, mainly focusing on:
Alzheimer disease (AD)
Parkinson disease (PD)
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease)

Neuro-Sys also provides efficacy testings for food/dietary supplements and medical nutrition that may have an activity on CNS.

A different approach, Our pharmacology platforms have been designed to accept different entity sources such as :
Simplified Plant Extract
(natural or chemical source)


Neuro-Sys set up its proper dedicated drug discovery department NS-PHARMA and laboratory to realize in-house R&D programs with finding new compounds coming from specific medicinal plants as a perspective.
Going forward, the brand new compounds with a proven and demonstrated activity on neurological disorders are put on the market for the pharmacological industry, capable to make all the further development.

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